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Welcome to BRV, the one-stop shop for all Blu-ray, HD and film enthusiasts, featuring in-depth and technical reviews, news and deals for the best hot new and classic releases. We have a lot planned for the site and we hope you’ll love every bit of it.

We’re hoping to make this site a bit different, to cater more towards people who care about getting the most out of their favorite movies and TV shows. But more importantly, it is to demand the utmost performance from the latest and best high definition home video format. Some may consider that to be fanboyish, too picky, or even snobbery, but there’s one thing they have not considered. We have a great passion for film and home entertainment and we want it to be in the best state possible, to be faithful to the source and for it to be something people will enjoy for as long as possible. We hope to strive for these standards and extend this passion and information to everyone that is interested. And for that, we’re very excited.

So enjoy the website. Participate! Comment and feel free to send us an email via the contact page. We want to hear from you, whether it be comments, suggestions or even criticism. We welcome it all. And we hope you stick around. There’s more to come.